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Bulletproof is a british television drama series, created by and starring noel clarke and ashley walters, that first broadcast on sky one on 15 may 2018. A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the tv series the sweeney. Act like a criminal to catch a criminal based on the 70s uk tv show, the sweeney is an actionpacked british police thriller from the director of football factory. The real mccoys season 1 pilot episode 1 californy, here we come duration.

George carters wife alison is killed by a hired assassin when she is mistaken for a fellow teacher with dubious connect. An armed gang kidnap telephone engineer ronald peters and hold him in an empty house, using his expertise to trigger off false alarms in some banks, diverting the police whilst the gang rob alarmfree premises. Carters schoolteacher wife alison is deliberately killed by a hit and run driver whilst posting his football pools. Please set an alarm and add the sweeney to your favourites, so we can remind you by email when theres a new episode available to watch.

American gods s02e08 moon shadow in the aftermath of sweeneys death, wednesday has disappeared and shadow is tormented. Regans flying squad falls under suspicion after they apprehend a gang of hijackers, but a bag with 35,000 pounds in it has somehow disappeared. Sweeney full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. On the internet movie database this episode is the lowestrated of all sweeney episodes, and only one of two along with season twos supersnout to be rated less than 710. The sweeney series 4 episode 3 series 4 episode 3 a group of villains succeed in making off with contraband alcohol. Walters, who investigate some of the countrys most dangerous criminals. The film followed di regan and ds carter as they became embroiled in a. American gods season 2 episode 5 the ways of the dead is a tale of two dead girls, all centered around a. With john thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan, robert swann. The sweeney was one of the uks finest actiondrama series of the 1970s and is still talked about today. This first series of the sweeney has been a long time coming, but for fans of the cult series it has been the fulfilling of a dream.

With john thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan, gary waldhorn. Look out for john hurt, george cole, bill treacher and june brown eastenders arthur fowler and. John thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan,the sweeney,the sweeney all seasons,the sweeney full episodes,the sweeney series,the sweeney movie,the sweeney old movie,the sweeney season 1,the sweeney season 2,the sweeney season 3,the sweeney. Then they investigate the ostrich inn, a centuries old public house where the landlords ghastly crimes later inspired the macabre musical sweeney todd. The beginning euston films, the company behind the. Produced by vertigo films and company pictures, the series follows nca detectives, and best friends, aaron bishop clarke and ronnie pike jr. The boy has an alibi he was in bed with a married woman, but wants it kept quiet, as he is getting wed next day, to linda. Category action crime drama original air date 19750929. Eddie boys is involved in a factory robbery, but he seems to have a castiron alibi. The sweeney season three part two from worst to best.

Sundays episode of american gods marked the end of. The pilot episode regan was also released on dvd in november 2005. George carters wife alison is killed by a hired assassin when she is mistaken for a. With john thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan, ed devereaux. Alison had actually borrowed a coat from judy, the french mistress, who consequently goes on the run as it was clear that she was the intended victim. American gods season 2 episode 8 watch online series and. It had a solid run, stetching for more than 50 episodes and four series from 1975 to 1978. On american gods season 2 episode 7, mad sweeney rediscovers his past and realizes a few truths about the road that led him to wednesdays war.

The sweeney hard men series 4 episode 2 regan and carter are reluctantly teamed up with a scottish officer to help them pursue scottish villains around london. A featurelength 87 minutes long, regan is slightly more downbeat that the series it spawned, commendably so, although some. The series, which also spawned two movies, became the highestearning foreign export for euston films. The sweeney just evokes so much of the spirit of the 70s and is undoubtedly a landmark in tv drama. A hungover regan pulls local lothario lukey sparrow for his part in the theft of thirty thousand pounds worth of mercury.

Apart from the main characters always watchable, theres some fascinating actors to spot. Top gear does the sweeney, part 22 series 18, episode 3. In american gods season 2 episode 5, laura and sweeney come closer together and shadow learns od an old curse haunting the black community in cairo. Colin macgruder and ray stackpole, two australians with the theme nice n easy does it, commit eleven armed robberies, in each case stealing kruger rands purchased from the same firm, the managing directors secretary tipping them off as to the whereabouts of the.

A guide to episode 5 from series 2 of through the keyhole. The complete series of the sweeney was released by network on 14 dvds in 2005 which did not feature the pilot episode or the two films released after the series ended. The sweeney series,the sweeney movie,the sweeney old movie,the sweeney season 1,the sweeney season 2,the sweeney season 3. Regan is initially resentful when college graduate sergeant david keel, a telecommunications. With john thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan, james booth. John thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan, the sweeney, the sweeney all seasons, the sweeney full episodes, the sweeney series, the sweeney movie, the sweeney old movie, the sweeney season 1, the sweeney season 2, the sweeney season 3, the sweeney season 4. Carters schoolteacher wife alison is deliberately killed by a hit and run driver. Through the keyhole series 2, episode 5 british comedy guide.

Series 2 episode 1 the sweeney discussion moviechat. Top gear does the sweeney, part 12 series 18, episode 3 published on. Solar music rights management, apm publishing, and 3. Moviechat forums the sweeney discussion series 2 episode 1 series 2 episode 1 posted 5 years ago by william164. Giles nunn and carrie selhurst are an upper crust couple who, partly for kicks and for the profits, commit highway robbery in lonely country lanes, along with the lower class boy tommy garret, whose dad is a friend of george carter. Mecca youtube reveals that the sweeney was originally a 1970s tv series in. Find out when the sweeney is on tv, including series 2episode 5. The film did well enough at the box office that a sequel, sweeney 2, was released in cinemas in 1978. His aim is to pick up the cash from the heist and convert it into diamonds and fly out of the country again. The episode taste of fear introduced violent psychopathic criminal tim cook. Regan is on to him and although labbett initially eludes him, a muddy car chase. Regan and carter manage to break the hitandrun ring, but can they stop another accident. The flying squad is the elite crime investigation unit of londons police force.

Top gear does the sweeney, part 22 series 18, episode 3 published on. Series highlights, featuring russell fletcher, stephen frost, josie lawrence, michael mcshane, colin mochrie, tony slattery and jim. Adrev masters admin on behalf of apm in north america and emi production music for rest of worldkpm lp serieskpm music ltd. The sweeney is an interesting character study of the chief protagonist and the lead characters in every episode. The sweeney season 2 episode 8 poppy video dailymotion. Seven months before the sweeney first aired was regan, an episode of armchair cinema. The sweeney 1975 1978 opening and closing theme duration. Itv panel show in which keith lemon looks around houses. The handmaids tale season 2, episode 5 was possibly the most heartbreaking of the series so far. All the sweeney episodes list of the sweeney episodes 91 items. The sweeney season 3 episode 5 taste of fear video dailymotion. The sweeney season 2 episode 1 chalk and cheese video. The series was an attempt by thamesowned euston films to create sellable television movies which could be distributed abroad. Trevor preston, ian kennedy martin creator as ian kennedymartinstars.

The ghi team tackle a pair of cases in the united kingdom. The sweeney, series 2 1975 viewers also bought see all. The sweeney series and episode guides tv from radiotimes. With john thaw, dennis waterman, garfield morgan, patrick mower. To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider. The sweeney series one part two from worst to best. Vic labbett, a violent robber who fled england following a robbery, has now returned from exile but only temporarily. The stories are as relevant today as they were in the 70s, and the audience can become immersed in the plot, even in the summer 2010. Jack regan ray winstone, a hardened cop who doesnt play by the rules, is confronted with a criminal from his past. Top gear does the sweeney, part 12 series 18, episode 3. A case of mistaken identity provides tragic circumstances when a hit goes wrong. Does anyone know the name of the actress at the bar talking to alby. Although it was definitely beginning to flag towards the end, the early episodes were utterly cracking and are well worth watching.

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